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When you buy a diamond, you look for the 4 C’s: Color, Cut, Carat and Clarity.

When you make a smile, you look for the 4 S’s. Here is what makes an attractive smile.


Lighter colored teeth are associated with youth. The shade can be anywhere from Bleach (Hollywood White) to D4. Teeth darken over time because of coffee, wine, blueberries and other everyday food-based stains.

Your dentist can help you achieve a lighter shade of teeth through teeth whitening, veneers and crowns. An attractive smile first begins with shade.


The shape of the teeth should complement the shape of your face. The Golden Proportion is a mathematical ratio (1:1.618) that defines how we see beauty.

Have you noticed that some people’s teeth look like Chiclets and others look more natural? That’s because you see them through the golden proportion. The shape of teeth help make an attractive smile.


The length and width of teeth are important in creating a beautiful smile. Again, the Golden Proportions define what we see as a beautiful smile.

Generally, men tend to have bigger teeth while women have smaller teeth. In this case, size does matter if want to have a natural (and attractive) looking smile!


The more symmetrical a smile or a face is, the more beautiful it appears to the human eye.

Studies show that people tend to gravitate towards people with more facial symmetry as they perceive them to be more attractive. Symmetry helps to make an attractive smile.

What makes an attractive smile?

Let’s recap. The 4 S’s that make an attractive smile are: Shade, Shape, Size, Symmetry.

A symmetrical, natural looking smile can be yours.

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