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What Is Sleep Apnea?

A common medical condition known as sleep apnea is characterized by pauses in breathing while you’re asleep. If left untreated, it may cause restless nights, excessive daytime sleepiness, and other major health issues.

We at Davinci Smiles are committed to assisting you in getting peaceful and reviving sleep since we are aware of the negative effects that sleep apnea may have on your general well-being. For that reason, we offer sleep apnea treatments in Edmonton that are tailored to each patient for the best results possible.

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How Is Sleep Apnea Diagnosed?

In order to diagnose sleep apnea, our experts will first do a physical exam as well as at-home monitoring. We will then ask about sleeping patterns, look for indications of tooth grinding or gum recession, and, if necessary, suggest a personalized oral appliance.

We offer dental appliances and oral health care to enhance sleep quality in addition to helping with prevention and treatment.

How Does the Treatment for Sleep Apnea Work?

To successfully treat this condition, we provide modern and gold-standard sleep apnea treatment in Edmonton. Our main therapeutic strategy is CPAP therapy, or continuous positive airway pressure.

CPAP therapy involves donning a mask while utilizing a machine that constantly forces pressurized air into your airways while you sleep. You will be able to breathe properly as a result, and you will obtain a full night’s sleep with continuous use.

Benefits of Treating Sleep Apnea

There are numerous benefits to treating sleep apnea with CPAP including:

Restful Sleep: CPAP treatment enables you to experience deep, unbroken sleep that leaves you feeling revived and energised when you awaken.

Increased Daytime Alertness: Sleep apnea may be successfully treated to help you overcome daytime sleepiness, improving your attention, productivity, and general quality of life.

Reduced Health Risks: High blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke have all been associated with sleep apnea. The right care may lessen these risks and enhance your long-term health.

Enhanced Quality of Life: Treating sleep apnea will enhance your attitude, quality of life, and general well-being.

Who Is a Candidate For Sleep Apnea Treatment?

You could be a candidate for sleep apnea treatment in Edmonton if you think you might have the condition or have already been diagnosed with it.

We advise making an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Kherani to assess your unique concerns and choose the best course of action for you.

We will thoroughly examine your symptoms, medical background, and do any required sleep investigations in order to provide you individualized and efficient treatment choices.

Learn More About Our Sleep Apnea Treatments in Edmonton

Stop letting sleep apnea affect your health and quality of life. Make an appointment with Davinci Smiles to arrange your consultation and start your journey to better health and the comfortable night’s sleep you deserve. Give us a call to get started!

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