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Be sure to use your dental benefits before they expire.

You or your employer have already paid for your dental benefits, so why let the value of your dental benefits be kept by the insurance company who are contracted to pay them when you use them.

Most dental plans expire at the end of every calendar year. Some plans expire at different times in the year. Know the expiry date for your dental benefits so you can use them before you lose them.

Why start the New Year leaving behind unused benefits, which are lost and cannot be carried over to the next year?

Schedule regular preventive appointments which include examinations and teeth cleaning which are generally covered by your insurance. You may not need dental work, but scheduling regular cleanings help to prevent dental issues.

By addressing dental issues now rather than later, you maximize your benefits and minimize what you pay out of pocket.

Ideally you should schedule regular dental checkups every 6 months to prevent any pre-existing issues from developing and advancing and avoiding otherwise unnecessary treatment.

Make the most of your dental benefits so you can take care of your teeth and your family’s dental health.

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