Why Are Custom-Fitted Mouthguards Important?


 It is part of our Canadian culture to take long summer walks, skate across a sheet of frozen ice, and to enjoy activities and sports, such as soccer, rugby, lacrosse, hockey, and cycling. In contact sports, such as rugby and hockey, where players get tackled and checked, it is vital for players to wear mouthguards to protect themselves from injuries to the neck, jaws, and mouth. Mouthguards significantly cut down the number of serious jaw and neck injuries. Wearing a mouthguard is as important as wearing a helmet to protect your head and face during sporting activities. 

A mouthguard should fit snugly over the teeth and stay in place on impact. When you receive a blow to the lower part of your jaw, such as under the chin, the teeth clamp shut, and the force of this impact is absorbed and spread out by the mouthguard. If you are not wearing a fitted mouthguard, the force of the impact will need to be absorbed by your teeth, the surrounding bone and tissues. This could lead to fracturing of the teeth, pushing of the teeth into the sinuses or knocking the teeth out. Not only can damage occur to the teeth, but the soft gum tissue can get cut, bleed and become swollen. The underlying bone supporting the teeth can also fracture and become bruised. Also, the joints in front of the ears, called the TM Joint’s (temporomandibular joints), which are responsible for opening and closing your mouth, can be injured and can break or become bruised. This will affect your ability to open your mouth and eat. All of this can be prevented (or at least minimised) if you wear a custom fitted, durable mouthguard while playing your sport!

When you can get off the shelf mouthguards from a sporting goods store the premade plastic sheet is placed in hot water, and when it is soft, it is placed over your teeth, and you bite into it. This may seem like a ‘customization’ of your mouthguard. Not! It takes more than just fitting to the teeth to give protection. You risk having the mouthguard fall out on impact and possibly lodge itself in your throat.

The better option is to have your dentist make you a custom mouthguard. Precise dental models are made to get an accurate imprint of your teeth and gums. Properly made custom mouthguards do cost more than their store-bought cousin but offer a more precise fit. They should not fall out or move on impact. They are also made of a material that better absorbs the stress and force delivered from a collision. This means that it is less likely injury will occur to the teeth, gums and jaw joints (TMJ).

Another important benefit of wearing a custom mouthguard is that it is designed so that impacts to the head or face will more likely to be absorbed rather than spread through your skull which could cause bruising, damage to the brain or fracturing of bone. The consequences of this impact could be catastrophic and maybe terminal.

In the past, many avoidable injuries would occur because people did not know the importance of wearing helmets or mouthguards. Today, we have the technology and know how to avoid these potential life changing ‘insults.’ If you are riding your bicycle on a trail, you may fall and hit the ground or a tree close by. If you are wearing a helmet and a mouthguard, the impact of that fall will be cushioned, and you will sustain less or no injury. 

Many professional and high-level amateur athletes today are using the Pure Power Mouthguard (PPM) to give them head and face protection as well as give them an athletic performance edge. The PPM is a custom fitted mouthguard that is designed to protect the teeth, gums, and jaws, and to absorb the forces of impact that occur during contact sports and positions your jaw in its Neuromuscular ( Physiologically) optimized position to enhance athletic performance. If you want to increase performance in your sport, ask your dentist about how the PPM could work for you.

Taking part in sports helps in maintaining good health and being more flexible and fit. Wearing a custom mouthguard provides protection and helps in preventing injuries. So, enjoy the warm summer and cool winter days by safely participating in sports and don’t forget one of the most important parts of your sporting uniform – your mouthguard!

A custom mouthguard is an investment in your health and ability to play sports. The PPM device is designed to help enhance your sporting performance. If you don’t want to be an off-the-shelf player, why would you settle for off-the-shelf protection for your jaws, teeth, head, and neck?