The Importance Of Building Your Health On A Solid Foundation


 There once lived a builder of homes.  He built many beautiful houses with great care and attention.  He used the best materials, took his time and used his talent and skill to make sure that each house was built to the highest standards.  The builder of homes asked himself every night, “Did I use my talent and skill to the highest degree?  Did I use the best materials? Did I give my best?” And every night, he answered yes to these three important questions and went to sleep feeling assured that he lived by his vision of excellence.

After many years, the builder of homes said to his wife” I have built many wonderful homes over the years.  Some have been easy to build, other more challenging.  With each project, I used the opportunity to give the best of my talents and to learn new skills.  I improved so many families’ lives by building their homes. They, in turn, have improved my life with their gratitude and appreciation.  With this wonderful feeling in my heart, I have lived my life’s purpose and am ready to retire.” 

His wife looked at him with love and said “Before you retire, I have one favour to ask of you. I have one more assignment for you to build a beautiful home on a property surrounded by tall trees and a lovely lake.  Only you can build this dream home.”  The builder of homes was silent, torn between wanting to please his wife and being anxious to retire.  His wife reached her hand out and put it over his hand, and gently whispered: “Please say yes, do this for me.”  He looked into her eyes and seeing the love with which she spoke, could not say no.  “Yes,” he said, “I will do this for you.” 

The builder of homes approached this final project with the same enthusiasm as he had approached every other project that he had undertaken in his life.  But as the days and weeks went by, his dream to retire started to take over his focus.  He felt saddened that this project was preventing him from living his retirement dream. So he started to rush through the project.  He worked shorter days, cut corners, cut costs by using inferior craftsmen and materials.  He didn’t stop to ask himself the 3 important questions every night, as he knew he could not answer “Yes.”  In a short time, the house was finished.  It had large windows, a brick façade, columns and a magnificent view of the forest, lake, and trees.  Where the ground was unstable, he sank deep piles so that the house would have a solid foundation. 

The builder of homes then returned to his wife and said “I have finished this last commission.  Please tell me that I can retire now.”  His wife put her arms around him and said “I am so proud of you. You have given your care and attention to every project in your career, and you have done so again for me.”  “Who is this house for?” asked the builder of homes with a sigh.  His wife looked deeply into his eyes and said “Every month, for the last 30 years, I have taken $1,000.00 out of our joint account so that I could buy the property of my dreams on which to build our retirement home.  The house, my dear, that you have completed is our new home,” 

When it comes to your life, have you always given your best?  Do you not deserve to receive the same?

Neuromuscular Dentistry provides a solid foundation on which your new smile and long term health are built.  Implants are the piles that ensure that the bone loss due to missing teeth does not compromise the stability of that foundation.  Crowns and veneers are the bricks and windows that make your smile beautiful and long lasting. 

Would you, like the builder of homes and his house, compromise your health by not building on a solid foundation and by using inferior materials for the house of your smile?