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Teeth Whitening Edmonton

Are you looking for a dental practice that can provide professional teeth whitening in Edmonton without the long wait? Davinci Smiles can schedule a new patient appointment for whitening within 48 hours when you call us to set up your visit. A shorter wait time to see your dentist is just one of many reasons why we are the right dentist for your family; we offer convenience, affordable dentistry, and a full range of dental care services to meet your needs. Why not call us today to schedule a consultation and whitening session?

Can a Store-Bought Whitener Give Me a Dazzling Smile?

The short answer to the over-the-counter question so often brought to our staff is 'no'; the long answer is similar: 'no, and here's why'. Store-bought whitening gels and pastes contain inferior ingredients that cannot penetrate the surface of the tooth to remove deep-down stains left behind from foods, drinks, and everyday elements; they're not only ineffective in treating stains, but OTC whiteners are also unsafe for home use because they can damage your teeth. Only a professional whitening product is safe and effective, having received approval by the American Dental Association.

Is Pro-Grade Whitening Worth the Cost?

Our patients at Davinci Smiles state overwhelmingly that the results they experience through pro-strength whitening exceed their expectations. Our whitening treatment remains the most affordable way to improve the appearance of your smile. If you're a candidate for teeth whitening in Edmonton, you'll walk out of our office with the smile of your dreams; we also offer at-home whitening options to fit your busy lifestyle. Meet with us to determine the right treatment for you- call our front desk staff to set up an initial appointment with the Davinci Smiles team.

Whitening Creates a Great First Impression

Whether you're getting ready for an important job interview, are looking forward to a special date night, or dream of a beautiful white wedding day smile for professional pictures, you'll find success in achieving a confident, radiating smile when you whiten at Davinci Smiles. We've all heard that first impressions last forever; so why not put your best foot forward with a bright, white, toothy smile that is never over-done? We'll help you choose the perfect shade of white for any occasion.

Whitening at Your Convenience

Take home our do-it-yourself professional-grade whitening kit for at-home convenience, and you'll wake up to a beautiful smile reflecting in the mirror after a single treatment. Want to go whiter? We'll provide easy-to-understand instructions for you to take home and read, so you can decide how many treatments are required to achieve your shade of white. It's never been safer or easier to smile with all the confidence in the world.

Schedule a new patient appointment for teeth whitening in Edmonton to learn why we are a top-rated dentist in your community. Request a free meet & greet with the Davinci Smiles team to get to know us better and to allow us to answer your questions and make sure you qualify for whitening.

Teeth Whitening Edmonton
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